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What are the Top 100 Baby Girl Names?

Having a baby girl? Well, then you are sure to be doing your research on the perfect name for your precious bundle. Looking through books can be daunting and overwhelming, so you may save time and energy by looking at the top 100 baby girl names to find your perfect match. You may want to use this list for a couple of reasons. First, maybe you want to find a name that is popular, and this list would be perfect. Or, you may have a more unusual name picked out for your child, and would rather it NOT be on the popular list! Whatever your reason, this list will give you lots of ideas for your baby’s name.

Without further ado- The top 100 baby girl names are as follows:

1. Emily 2. Madison 3. Hannah 4. Emma 5. Ashley 6. Abigail 7. Alexis 8. Olivia 9. Samantha 10. Sarah 11. Elizabeth 12. Alyssa 13. Grace 14. Isabella 15. Lauren 16. Jessica 17. Taylor 18. Brianna 19. Kayla 20. Anna 21. Victoria 22. Sophia 23. Natalie 24. Sydney 25. Chloe 26. Megan 27. Jasmine 28. Rachael 29. Morgan 30. Destiny 31. Julia 32. Jennifer 33. Kaitlyn 34. Hailey 35. Katherine 36. Haley 37. Alexandria 38. Nicole 39. Mia 40. Savannah 41. Maria 42. Ava 43. Mackenzie 44. Allison 45. Amanda 46. Stephanie 47. Brooke 48. Makayla 49. Jenna 50. Faith 51. Jordan 52. Mary 53. Rebecca 54. Katelyn 55. Andrea 56. Kaylee 57. Paige 58. Gabrielle 59. Madeline 60. Elle 61. Michelle 62. Trinity 63. Kimberly 64. Sara 65. Zoe 66. Catherine 67. Kylie 68. Amber 69. Vanessa 70. Sierra 71. Alexa 72. Lily 73. Danielle 74. Erin 75. Angelina 76. Gabriella 77. Riley 78. Autumn 79. Jada 80. Leah 81. Lillian 82. Jacqueline 83. Bailey 84. Melissa 85. Marissa 86. Shelby 87. Ariana 88. Isabel 89. Maya 90. Courtney 91. Audrey 92. Leslie 93. Claire 94. Angela 95. Sofia 96. Jocelyn 97. Evelyn 98. Catherine 99. Aaliyah 100.Mariah

Once you have looked through the list of top 100 baby girl names, you can go about choosing the one that is best for you. You may want to choose a name that is already in your family, such as after a great-grandmother or favorite cousin. Or, you may choose a name based on ethnicity and heritage. Maybe you just need this list to get ideas and want to create a name of your own.

The best thing about the top 100 baby girl names is that you can always change up the spelling a bit, and make a name more personalized for you and your baby. After you have picked out a name you like, you can change it to a spelling that is either common or unique- just remember, this is the name your child will have the rest of her life so you do not wish to make it too complicated!

This list of top 100 baby girl names was compiled from one of the leading parent’s magazines, Parents, and can be found online at

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Top 100 Baby Girl Names

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